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Hi !

I've a problem with PixTudio, in certain cases, the graphs are not displayed (from load_png, from fpg, and from fnt too !).
I've reported the bug in BitBucket weeks ago, but we did not found from where the bug comes.
Here is the BitBucket ticket : https://bitbucket.org/josebagar/pixtudio/issues/25/graph-not-displayed-from-png-and-fpg

Can somebody help me by doing this :

* Download PixTudio source from here : https://pixtudio.org/
* Compile the sources.
* Run the examples (from the example folder) using the compiled version of PixTudio.
* Come back here and say if the graphs are displayed (for exemple 18_mod_text_flags.prg, or other example which should display graphs).I'm on Windows 10 64 bits.
Can you tell here if it works on your computer, and which version of Windows are you running.

Thanks !

Could you share a ZIP with the PRG and files that aren't working? Thanks.

The PRGs that doesn't works are all in the example folder. They all fail.
They compile without any error but the images are not displayed.
Have you tried in your computer (I mean in Windows) ?

I just tried some of them, and they worked flawlessly.

What is your Windows version ?


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