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Would anyone who is fluent in spanish please add div-arena and DIV3 / DX to the wikipedia page please


I added it myself before but it was quickly deleted. I feel it should be on there since it is an official branch! :)

It was very badly translated (sorry, it's like when we try to write in english xD).

I did some changes, but they won't probably last. Wikipedia's Spanish' editors are a mob.

Some time ago I tried to create articles on wikipedia English version of DIV Games Studio and Div GO. And they eliminated my user apart from the articles. :P

wikipedia deleted my Mike Green (games developer) page a long time ago, when I was the only one on there. There are now plenty of others. My EmuDX page was also removed for being "unimportant" even though similar things were done on the xbox 360 years later.

Thanks for posting a non-spanglish version for me :)


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