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Started by AmakaSt, March 05, 2016, 12:39:37 PM

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Version 0.90 now available for download, developments:

   - load_song(), song(), stop_song(), is_playing_song(), get_song_line(), get_song_pos(), set_song_pos(), unload_song()

bugs and added:
   - [ADD] new lib webaudio-modplayer to add compatibility with tracker: mod, xm y s3m
   - [FIX] fixed outside a loop within the block clone
   - [FIX] text alignment with write_in_map() from the variable mouse.graph
   - [FIX] fixed alignment problem in the texts style stroke
   - [FIX] when a process on mode7 or on scene3d had no graph and then was added a value to graph the program crashed
   - [FIX] now displayed again audio files linked by code in the audio control ide

And here I leave an example of use of the new features: http://www.divgo.net/c-7a9ec6da

A greeting. :)


New version 0.92 now available online, the news:

   - start_capture_cam(), stop_capture_cam();

bugs and added:
   - [ADD] 4 new shapes to draw(): linear triangle, filler triangle, linear polygon and filler polygon
   - [FIX] set_song_pos() now is positioned on the line 0 to change position
   - [FIX] correction in the compiler when a file is loaded into an array variable or a struct
   - [FIX] in collisions when not loaded either the file path
   - [FIX] fixed problem that affects the latest versions when painting processes in different scrolls
   - [FIX] fixed problem with cpoints in map_put(), map_xput(), map_put_pixel() and map_block_copy()
   - [ADD] supported graphic effects in map_put(), map_xput() and map_block_copy()
   - [FIX] resolved problem in drawing map_put_pixel()
   - [FIX] local variables now work with the initial program, before only they were valid in the processes
   - [ADD] loading a new route with load_fpg() uncompiled notifies you that you must first compile to display its contents and lets you create a new fpg
   - [ADD] resizing editable image area from the editor
   - [ADD] ide responsive for mobile devices

Example draw:

Example graphic_explorer (graphic editor):

Example capture with camera and micro, required webcam (works well in firefox and edge, chrome requires url https to capture):

A greeting. :)


excelente trabajo ..

el motor 3d es threejs ?


Si, es Threejs r73 (hace poco salió la r75). Esto era mucho mas fácil de incluir a DivGO que programar un motor 3d propio en WebGL. :P


Version 0.92 now available for download!  8)


Version 0.93 now available for download, the news:

   - get_song_channels(), get_channel();

bugs and added:
   - [CHANGE] start_mode7() to start without any ctype = c_m7 declared, is not drawing the mode7 on screen
   - [ADD] cnumber now works in mode7 and scene3d
   - [FIX] the order of a two-dimensional array, was the opposite: my_array [a, b], the first was 'b' and then 'a'
   - [FIX] the view_full_... modes of set_mode() function; it is not displayed in the loading process on block loading
   - [FIX] correction preloading resources from viewers fpg and fonts
   - [FIX] when drawing 'texts' and 'draws graphics' used degraded constantly being even a plane color which made slowed the program's operation, sometimes leading to crash the browser
   - [CHANGE] gradients now work differently, using move_draw() always applies a plane color so before frame must be added gradient_draw()
   - [ADD] in the graph editor now with high zoom shows a grid of image pixels

Example of new functions: http://www.divgo.net/c-61e08f56

A greeting. :)


Div GO version 0.96 now available for download, the news:

   - change_notifications(), notification();

   - b_battery_charge, b_battery_level, b_battery_time;

bugs and added:
   - [ADD] notification system
   - [ADD] error message when assigning a value to a constant
   - [ADD] option to program in the editor to the full size of the page
   - [ADD] packaging options: minify html code, add fullscreen button
   - [ADD] new optional parameter in the region_wave() and wave_in_map(), to separate for a set number of pixels the effect
   - [CHANGE] internal change in the drawing scrolls to slightly improve performance
   - [CHANGE] now load_fpg() returns an integer value according to the fpg that have been loaded into memory as did div 2
   - [CHANGE] the local variable file uses integer values, in div go (file = 0) is the route 'graficos' so the first load_fpg() will correspond to (file = 1)
   - [CHANGE] internal change in the name of the functions of 'div go' to not clash with variables and functions of future libraries
   - [FIX] reduction in the size of the instruction array, where each piece of code is saved
   - [FIX] fixed an error in construction of project code, by making recent changes

A greeting. :)


Pues después de tantas versiones ya es hora de probarlo :)
My sites:
Smart Fpg Editor - Painless FPG Edition for Bennu and PixTudio
fenixlib - .NET support for manipulating PixTudio, Bennu and Div graphic formats


Quote from: darío on September 14, 2016, 08:22:49 PM
Pues después de tantas versiones ya es hora de probarlo :)

Menos mal, ya iba siendo hora de probarlo. Mira que te ha costao. ;)


Div GO version 1.04 now available for download, the news:

   - input(), move_input(), delete_input();
   - all_inputs, num_input, num_link;
bugs and added:
   - [ADD] text fields to enter a variable, makes mobile devices display the digital keyboard
   - [FIX] fixed some minor problems in building code
   - [FIX] to create a process or function with the name of the same arguments to global variables declared, it converted into local
   - [CHANGE] in the joy and pad struct for compatibility with firefox
   - [FIX] holds the position where you were in the code to compile and run
   - [FIX] now it supports structs save data both local_storage, session variables and sending external data
   - [CHANGE] the load_external_data() function now has a parameter to pass the variable offset instead of returning a value

Example of input functions: http://www.divgo.net/c-f13e597c

A greeting.  :)


Div GO version 1.10 now available for download, the news:

   - delete_region(), is_defined_region(), set_description(), set_author();

   - mouse.is_active, loading_data, b_screen_width, b_screen_height;

bugs and added:
   - [FIX] when adding a graph from the editor, if it was not made any changes it was not saved
   - [FIX] copying regions with region_copy() did not copy the effects that were included in them
   - [FIX] correction in the compiler that affected declaring two-dimensional tables without setting values
   - [FIX] corrected some functions that gave error if the graph does not exist
   - [FIX] fixed graphical error in texture_in_map(), path_find(), path_free() and path_line()
   - [ADD] functions to control 'div go' from other scripts: DivGO.start(), DivGO.pause(), DivGO.continue(), DivGO.stop()
   - [ADD] examples in english and catalan, separated by sub-folders (lack the translation into catalan)
   - [UPDATE] threejs to version r85 y codemirror to versión 5.25.2

Example of delete_region() and is_defined_region(): https://www.divgo.net/c-4ff66da8

A greeting.  :)