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Autogenerated PixTudio doc updated.


I am having fun with PixTudio to create an Android game.

I took the chance to update my "autogenerated" documentation: http://dacucar.com/pixtudiodocs/

It is usefull to know which functions, variables and constants are exported by each module. There is no description of the functions though.

I added an "identifiers section" that contains an autogenerated list of keywords.

Pretty cool!

Is there any change to perform a "diff" with what BennuGD provides?

Ehmm... Your docs are a bit outdated. mod_ttf is not a part of PixTudio, but mod_map should include TTF loading functionality, for example.

You are right, I had two copies of pixtudio repository and I was using an outdated one :)

I have run my scripts again and uploaded to the server.

--- Cita de: josebita en Junio 13, 2016, 12:40:39 pm ---Pretty cool!

Is there any change to perform a "diff" with what BennuGD provides?

--- Fin de la cita ---

I believe it should be possible to run it against bennugd code by just updating some locations. Then there is the chance to compare the intermediate .md files that my python script generates for both PixTudio and BennuGD or write some code in Python to perform the comparison based on the symbols found in both sources (which would provide more useful output).

Why would you need such a comparison?

It could be useful to be able to highlight differences.


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