Auto configurator for screen and gamepad

Started by KeiDash, May 12, 2018, 04:26:58 PM

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When I started to develop for Dreamcast, there were very specific things that were not specified anywhere and in the end, between research and questions to the community, I managed to solve them.

Two things that I had a hard time configuring (which I now see and it is super simple) but without explanation or a manual would have been impossible, is the configuration to follow to be able to use correctly the screen settings and the game pads of the Dreamcast .

First, the configuration of the screen is not really complicated, but the pads of the Dreamcast ... is somewhat complex, so to simplify it, I created a small include that configures all this at once and with examples so that you can implement it to your liking.

All is in my gitgub repo, I hope it helps.


hello, friend.

first, thanks for sharing your code.

I have a small question: did you make a .cdi to run on dreamcast? I made one small game and tested on nullDC emulator, but it was too slow. a friend tried to run the game on a real dreamcast with an SD card but it did not run. did you have similar problems?