[WIP] La Venganza Del Toro - a yeti3D horror game

Started by Breadcaster, August 26, 2017, 07:25:58 PM

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Hi all!

So as you may of seen, Ive decided to see if I can make a full game using Yeti3D. It probably won't be too long of a game, since it's quite labour intensive to make, but it should be fun all the same :D

It's a third person/fixed camera survival horror game called La Venganza Del Toro - a black and white hammer horror movie inspired, PS1 influenced horror tale. Current features include a small inventory and operate/inspect options to explore your surroundings, and one basic puzzle - in the future there will be combat, more puzzles, chase sequences, and possibly stealth and RPG elements :)

Have some screenshots! <3

Hopefully if this project goes well, I will attempt other 3D games in Yeti3D in the future.

- Dani



Quote from: l1nk3rn3l on August 26, 2017, 08:46:55 PM

Bennu survival..

Cool Project ...!!

hehe :) its likely to be a mix of adventure game, survival and horror - hope it'll be lots of fun when its done!

By the way, l1nk3rn3l - do you know how to make .o3d sprites for Yeti3D? I downloaded the packs from the sourceforge and nothing in there seems to work... I need to make some effect sprites like rain, smoke, fire, sparks etc



download tools from "yeti3d hd resolutions and examples" includes tools, examples and docs...

+ tool to convert md2 model to o3d is included...
+ tool to convert images and sprites to o3d

md2 (quake2 models)

to rain and effects use o3d animate sprites to emulate that...

Note: Tools requires Java Runtime installed to work..



So, as its probably going to come as no surprise to others - I'm not working on this game anymore. I'm not actually working on anything :(

Yeti3D is too limiting to use plus Bennus community is mostly in Spanish or is only roughly translated to English, and I'm having problems understanding how to do things. I might try Cartengena3D when I can, as ive been given an old windows laptop and can probably try to get things running on it, so I wont have to just use my Macbook.

l1nk3rn3l let me know if you want the game files so far and I'll upload them somewhere.

- BC



share  game files with friendly license...



too bad. It's true the community is mostly spanish, but there some who can talk english, let us know if you need some help
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Quote from: l1nk3rn3l on October 22, 2017, 05:12:50 PM

Bennu3D run in old PCs

sadly i tried testing my "new" laptop that i was hoping to use, but it cant even render the 3D windows screensavers - like it cant even do the basic 3D text screensaver :(

The game so far's here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/a6v4qz

For the record, it was making a decent third person camera that defeated me - currently the one that l1nk3rn3l uses in the Sonic3D test has issues with being really jerky when it gets close to walls and I couldnt improve it :/


3rd person camera is very complex in many 3d engines..

I will include your game in YETI3D examples...  Thanks for your support



I test the game , nice game ,

is cool how resident evil .. alone in the dark ..

Thanks for share