Started by Rovinator, November 15, 2019, 10:20:24 AM

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Good day everyone,

Nice to meet you all.

My name is Dennis, and some people may remember me from the old DIV community I loved to be part of as a teenager. I already had this account and probably introduced myself years ago, but now I reintroduce myself again as "Rovinator".

My love for games and game development have never stopped in all that time. As a software engineer I mainly program business software in PL/SQL, but the last few years I have specialized myself also in functional and technical analysis, planning and am curious about GDLC (Game Development Life Cycle), which is an important part when creating software.

An idea popped in my head lately, and I am willing to plan something and perhaps Bennu is a good choice for me.
I am not entirely certain I will actually "do" this, but at least by posting this reintroduction I hope to motivate myself into doing so.
I also hope we will get along well together - or as a weeb like me would say "yoroshiku onegaishimasu desu".




I'll glad know about your project when you decide what you'll do...

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