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Started by josebita, May 21, 2009, 02:04:54 PM

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Hi all!

I want to write something about the current state of the community in, and would appreciate some help on what topics to touch.
I'm interested in knowing about places (appart from this forum) where activity related to bennu is taking place.
I have seen some activity on the gp32x forums thanks to Sandman's port, and for the English speaking community, but would like to know about more things.
So, if any of you can highlight some cool things (wii port, bennu3d & gp32x port are already in, of course) going on, give me a link and a brief description & I'll look into it.


Bennu3D and other libraries are very interesting, but people won't use them because they do not have documentation, let alone English documentation. I would suggest to the creators of these modules and possibly users of them, to document them first, before advertising them. I realise no one will do that, so maybe just adverstise...

Of course the Wiki is a great resource for most stuff and Booleansoup sometimes. The IRC Channel #bennu on can be added too.

This is a good initiative and vital for the survival of an English Bennu community.
-- Sandman


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