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Started by Windgate, December 06, 2010, 11:25:03 AM

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I let you this project, made in my free time this weekend, having beers meanwhile. All comments and docs are in english:

Requirements: http://trinit.es/DescargaDirecta/BennuOthers/BennuPlayNet/Bullet/screenshot/requirements.pdf
Process Hierarchy: http://trinit.es/DescargaDirecta/BennuOthers/BennuPlayNet/Bullet/screenshot/process%20hierarchy.pdf
Protocol: http://trinit.es/DescargaDirecta/BennuOthers/BennuPlayNet/Bullet/screenshot/protocol.pdf

It is a shooter game at which you control a battle ship in an infinite space. You can change the connection IP easily from menu. You can choose 3 different types of ship and kill other players using mouse. If you are the server, you can use F1 key in order to call 10 local clients and test.

Each ship leave a different type of time when die. Each tiem has 3 skill levels. Currently, Tank ship leaves the shield item, that reduces incoming damage, Sniper ship leaves radar item, that shows cursor for each player in order to easy locate it. The missil item is already in process, it will be a search missil, I'm thinking about how to code it right now...

Most of the project requirements are already covered. I hope to have a team battle and a capture the flag game mode soon. Right now the game is all vs all.

If you want to test it with me, just send me a private message. It has been tested with users from Mexico, Spain and Germany, all together, and its troughput is pretty good.

DOWNLOAD: http://trinit.es/DescargaDirecta/BennuOthers/BennuPlayNet/Bullet/Bullet%200.1.3.zip

As always, open code and resources, open project documents with Open Office, maybe you can use it as template :D

PD: Any bug report, sugerence, question, etc. Here, please :P

PD2: And sorry for my dirty english :(
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