First BennuGD WIZ/PC contest

Started by SplinterGU, November 03, 2009, 02:50:44 AM

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Ariel Yust

Aaaah okay then I'll do that and I'll use the worklogs in Booleansoup for my game =]

thanks Sandman
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maybe we can add a section for contest project here...
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Ariel Yust

Hey that would be realy cool =]

thats how there will be a way to see what everyone are working on =]
I think we should have that, and make everyone post some progress =]
it makes the competition much better and fun also =]]
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Hi everybody,

I've never made a full game, but I will have a try with this contest.

I've starteda worklog at Boolean Soup (here's the link)
Aquí está el enlace:

By the way, is there a place in the forum for presentation?

Thank you very much, good luck for everybody!
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Welcome Tonisan, you can send a mail to Splinter or a private message asking for a private worklog... It is a place where you (And me) can post all news about your proyect.

Welcome again and keep up your good work!!!

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Thank you, I have post first part of my conceptual design in boolean soup.

Hope you find it interesting.
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Now you got until 31st of JANUARY to finish your games for the contest, so...

Hala, como con 1001 procesos sólo va a 9 FPS, vamos a meterle 32 veces más, a ver si revienta.
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Nice news!

Merry Christmas for all of you ;)


Really nice to hear the time for the contest was extended! I was beginning to worry I would not be able to finish my game in time with holidays and everything coming up. Now there should be no problems at all and the game can be made even better with the extra time.

Thanks and Merry Christmas! :)
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Ariel Yust

thanks god for the extention of time =]  ;D

I got stuck with all my studies and other problems and couldnt work on my project hopfully I'm getting down to it soon =]
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Ok, sorry I just removed a post I put here, as it's now invalid.

Anyway, I am thinking of submitting something myself :) it gives me a reason to get on with coding through the cold nights.



But if you're going to enter the competition, hurry up!


I had been distracted from developing of my project by new pc hardware...

Now I'm back to deving :D
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We already have 2 entries finalized in the contest...

- DefenderX (Juan Robles)
- Danger Quest Monster Night (Todd Stefan)

Remember, we are waiting for you work...
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Should you need a bit of extra time* to be able to have a playable entry for the competition, please contact Splinter to see if he can do something about it.

*A bit of extra time=a few days.