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Started by AMDmi3, November 08, 2009, 03:58:25 AM

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Just wanted to report that bennugd compiles and runs successfully on FreeBSD, I was able to compile and run Railroad Rampage game. I've also added bennugd to FreeBSD ports collection (, There are, however, some fixes/improvements I'd like to share.

First, there is a bunch of patches:
patch-bgdrtm-src-dirs.c and patch-mod_mem-mod_mem.c are for core/ and modules/ respectively and are pretty straightforward ones.
patch-configure is needed for both core and modules, and addresses two problems: not defining TARGET_BSD on FreeBSD, and fixed checking for des. Not sure where your des.h comes from, but on both my FreeBSD and Linux boxes there's only openssl/des.h - the one from openssl, and DES functions there are named DES_ (des_ are macros, so these can't be used in configure checks). This fix (if applied) should be applied to, obviously. patch-include-crypt.h is the same thing.

Another change I've done for FreeBSD port is installing modules to ${PREFIX}/lib/bennugd instead of ${PREFIX}/lib. Since files there have very generic names (libtext, libmouse, libfont, mod_ as well) and are only used by bennugd, this is better than creating mess in lib/.

Also, I'd like to ask you to release source tarballs along with binaries. Most source-based packaging systems use checksums to verify distfile integrity, so they need files. For this port, I've packaged SVN snapshot of r112 myself (

Finally, I've just noticed that bgdc segfaults while compiling named Railroad Rampage on amd64. Will investigate that.


really cool, thanks... I'll check your patchs and include them in official version... thanks... karma++...
Download Lastest BennuGD Release:


please, can you do the patch for configure is builded from thanks...
Download Lastest BennuGD Release:


The native 64 bits version won't work, though.
It's not a matter of you using FreeBSD.


Good job, a FreeBSD port is a wonderful thing to have, because somehow it proves to me the project is genuinely multiplatform. Of course a native Wii port does that too, but that one's not finished yet. :) Nice work on the port, patches and tips!

-- Sandman


Here's a patch against SVN with all my changes, including's: I didn't properly regenerate configure's as it produces too large patch.

Also I forgot one thing: for some reason bgdc exits with error code 1, although it compiles the game successfully. This is a problem when using it with e.g. make.

BGDC 1.0.0 (Nov  9 2009 08:32:34)
Copyright © 2006-2009 SplinterGU (Fenix/BennuGD)
Copyright © 2002-2006 Fenix Team (Fenix)
Copyright © 1999-2002 José Luis Cebrián Pagüe (Fenix)
Bennu Game Development comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;
see COPYING for details

/usr/home/amdmi3/projects/freebsd/ports/games/railroad-rampage/work/RailroadRampage_Linux/librender:0: warning: Variable redeclared ("ALPHA_STEPS")

File RailroadRampage.dcb compiled (256157 bytes):

 Processes                    94
 Global data                 752 bytes
 Local data                  232 bytes
 Private data               1612 bytes
 Public data                   0 bytes
 Code                     152212 bytes
 System processes            232
 Globals vars                 96
 Locals vars                  31
 Private vars                403
 Publics vars                  0
 Identifiers                 871
 Structs                       7
 Strings                      59 (646 bytes)

*** Error code 1 <-- (this one's from make)


Seems like these patches have not yet gone upstream. Could you have a look at it, Splinter?

Also, talking to Dmitry, he suggests having a packge for the bennu source, as it certainly makes mantaining packages easier.

PS: The issue with return codes has been there for a long time... I also think it should be treated as a bug.


I don't know what you are talking... I was never have contact with freebsd people...
Download Lastest BennuGD Release:


Ups! Sorry. Dmitry is the real name for AMDmi3, who started this thread.
It looks like his patches haved not yet been integrated into BennuGD (for example TARGET_BSD is not defined in freebsd, only in dragonflybsd...).

The other suggestion is that with every new Bennu release, together with the normal bennugd-core-1.0-platform.tar.gz, you upload a corresponding bennugd-1.0-src.tar.gz package in the downloads dir. That'll make it easy for him to make the packages for freebsd.