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Welcome to the Risen Lands!

In the risen lands magic is everywhere, but alas, hidden, forgotten for those who cannot understand it anymore... Follow 3 adventurers in their quest for the source of the troubles appearing all over these remote lands. Meet the heroes:

Name:  Eldan Erradik VIII Thor
Class:   Knight of the order of the awesome dragon
Age & Home: 26, Capital city
Abilities: Mass destruction, *cide (Orcicide, goblincide, birracide...)
Race: Homo( unknown subspecies)    

Name: Idiawe
Class: Silent Marksman
Age & Home: 150 (21 human equivalent), Idiel forest
Abilities: fully developed antisocial skills
Race: Half Elf

Name: Aither Thoth
Class: Tetramegistos Mage
Age & Home: Lost count, Was there before the creation
Abilities: BAB (bone aching based) weather forecast
Race: Smurf?

The story continues... soon  ;)


Great graphics and sprites, good job!


Thank you !

In the next update I'll post some animations :)


How have you drawn that sprites???

Are proffesional-like... :o

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