The idea of the game

Started by animanegra, November 27, 2009, 11:59:09 PM

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The game is basically an arcade game with some characteristics of ability game.

The basic idea is to control a kind of ship into a grid. If you go outside the grid you will lost the game.
The grid are formed by squares and each squares have a node. You must get all the nodes of each square to pass to the next level.

Each time you get all the nodes belong to a square and at the moment you give the actual square, this one will disappear, so in some moments the order you cross the grid will take importance.
Some kinds of enemies will appear in the game field as you go through the higher levels.
The enemies will have three kinds of behaviors:

    the ones with cross the grid as you.
    another ones with go inside the squares killing you in some periods of time with a radial pain.
    the whole floor, or grid will have some temporal pain squares. You must stay out of this squares or you will dead.

Each level is auto-generated by random. At least the grid, and each level you pass more squares you have to cross.
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¿A kind of puzzle game?

It is rare... But I understand the idea... Go on dude. Any simple project can be a finished project... Finishing a project is the 90% of the task, go on... Keep it simple stupid (KISS) but make a working project over the all!!!
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