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For the moment I have some images I use into the game. Really really simple images ^^ but in game I think they works fine and give a retro style look quite cool (My friends usually told me a lot "make it simple" :P).

I have program the basement of the game, with means:

    The randomly construction of the levels.
    The emplacement of all sprites into the screen.
    The movement of all the background and the ship into the rails.
    The disapparition of the squares when you get all the vertices and leave the square.
    The death when you go out the grid.
    I have also choose the music for in-game playing.(

The things leave to do mainly:

    The enemies logic and to plan how to distribute it around the levels.
    The points system and decide how will be the scoreboard.
    The menu that will be basically the intro screen with a push start, see scoreboard and help.
    Test how hard is the game and controll the speed of the enemies and test the values his internal
    variables should have.

When all that task has been finished I will decided what to do with the graphs.
If invest time in do anything beautiful or not. Probably the answer will be not, cause I have quite work to do :S but I am not sure all.
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I am happy, lots of new projects and everyone has its self style... This conquest is going to be great, go on and give gas to your mind ::)

One advice about every project, remember, Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS), "finishable projects"!!!
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New features has been added:

       -The bad squares has been added.
              - Are red instead of red.
              - this kind of squares must be lost all his nodes in order to conver it in white squares again.
              - If the ship leaves the square without being converted in white the ship will die.
       - The point system has been done.
       - A new feature has been added, now the player can push the down arrow in order to change the direction of the ship.
              - This can be used 3 times per level.
       - The title screen has been aded
       - The player will be able to retry in the actual level for three times starting with the points won before start it.
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The music is great for space ship game. good job! Even if it has been a google job
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