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Well, there's not a lot of time until january 6th.

Next week, I will work in the conceptual part.
By december 4th, I will post telling you:

- What animal the player will play (probably, the hawk)

- What preys will there be available, and what predators.

- How long will a succesful game take, and what will its real time equivalence.

- What environemntal factors will the player have to deal with

    a. water
    b. pollution
    c. poison
    d. hunters
    e- mating and taking care of children
    f. climate and seasons
    g. terrain

- The gender question (will be different to play males or females)

- The main look of screenshot.

- The size of the world

- A little and educational help system

Probably, I'm forgetting something, but i expect to remember before that day.

See you soon.
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Well, conceptual design is finished. This night I will post last messages concerning the way simulation will be done, and the game area. The game will be definitively smaller than my first idea, even than original Survival.

Anyway, with such a solid design document :-X on my desk it's time to have someplace to draw and program :D. So next week will be devoted to design

- characters (the Wildcat, its preys, and threats)
- the land (I don't know yet if there will be tiles, or just coloured square)  ???
- the screen, with the game area, the world map, and game indicators

- the to program a random world generator
- and to put this crazy wildcat make her move (move engine)
- and to make time goes by: aging, hunger, thirst (time engine)

Have a nice weekend, a long one for some people in Spain (somepeople, as me, will work next monday  :()
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Hello everybody,
work has kidnapped me this week so I've been able to make very few things. Probably I neither could work on Survival next week, at least until Saturday, so the extra days will be very useful for me.
In the other hand, I feel plenty of energy once I've started to make out one of my dreams, to code games my kid could enjoy tomorrow.

What am i working on now? MATHS ... I need to calculate how much food to put in the game to make these silly mice grow, and to simulate the tough and good seasons. It's almost complete. I have also to calculate how many stamina mice gains when eating, and how much lose when eaging. And then the same thing for lizards and birds (easy) and then for cats (main characters and other, that's the tricky part).

If I could resolve all this number together next weeekend, it would be great.

Next, and more enjoyable will be to put AI on mice, and other preys, and to make some work on our cat's senses (view, smell, hearing), I have some ideas I will develop with the extra days.

With all these I would have a game, with the only lack of:
- menus, presentation, configuration
- music and sound effects (it's very important but I have no idea about that)
- points and evaluation of your game, once it is over
- I could also work a little more on terrain tiles

At last, I would deal with the help system, and the mating and intra-specie competition. But they will be luxuries.

I tell you all this things because I will use later to remember what I have still to code, draw, or whatelse.

Ganbatte kudasai, everybody!

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