Conceptual design 4. Threats

Started by tonisan, December 03, 2009, 03:48:07 PM

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Cars Cars is one of the bigger dangers that wildcats suffer. Cars take wildcat by surprise because of its speed, and it's usually fatal for them. Willdcats crossing cars or in urban terrain are always under danger of being hurted by a car.

Hunters People don't use to like wildcats. They're hunted for his fur or because people thinks they're a plague.

Poison People use poison to get off of mice and rats in their food or growns. There's also some poisons coming from pollution in the water (as lead) and in water (as sulfur). Being in the top of the trophic chain, wildcats accumulate these poisons and can suffers diseases or become unable to conceive.

Pollution Pollution is created by people, and disturb seriously the life of wildcats and other animals. It can chemical components as CO2 in the air, or physical as loud noises from highways. Pollution acts as poison in terms of game, but can be removed by going away of its sources.

Wildcats Male wildcats are very territorial and will fight with others for its territory and the female living in it. Very young or very old wildcats can choose to flee instead of fighting against a stronger cat, but they could be chasen down when its rival feel strong enough. Female with kitten can also be disturbed by males who want to mate her. They can attack the kitten, and the cat-she should choose between fighting or fleeing.
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