Started by Imerion, July 06, 2014, 06:04:10 PM

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Hi everyone! Was a long time since I was here. I know it was a while ago, but I just realized I never mentioned the release of my latest BennuGD-game here.

It's called Prometheon, and if you're interested you can download it here :
Or you can go here to play it immediately :

The reason I am posting this is because it would be interesting with some feedback, since I'm about to start some new projects and perhaps there is something I can learn from this my latest project. Please have a look! :)
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Looks great ! I'll give it a try.
But I want the source code pls

EDIT : I agree with Javis , Vreida's animation feels a bit lazy and the way he shoots is weird.
I'm not a fan of the story either (too much text) but it plays very well and overall, it's pretty good.


Very impressive lightning effects!

The only feedback I would give you is to try to improve the character animations, it looks very static.
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nice game...  nice effects....

bennugd support WEB PLAYER please try this...


Like it! Very nicely made. It's got atmosphere. I quite like the way you made the text dialogs and menus. It's very slick!


Thanks for all nice comments! The character animations are because we had a hard time creating walking animations, so we decided to do this hover-effect instead. Works quite well, though I guess it does look a bit static. :)
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Hi, looks interesting i like the visual effects.

There is a problem, i see you used joy_getaxis(0,0)<-20, the value of the dead area is too low for most gamepads, i can't play with a Xbox 360 controller, you could try with some safer values like 7500 for Y axis and 10000 for X axis.