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Started by l1nk3rn3l, April 16, 2017, 10:48:43 PM

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PSP port with new examples ported, IDE, and other things...

zombies2012 psp

Bennugd zelda


Other examples :



Pinta interesante :)
A ver qué tal se ve el PiXPang, ya lo compartirás :)



Where is the C source code of the PSP port that generates the EBOOT.PBP binaries?



PSP port ..

author : DCELSO and Joseba

Original Post:

PSP Source code c/c++  Bennugd PSP is a monolitic version from bennu, all modules in a same file..

DCelso has created one port and Daniel Franzini is working in another one.

Bennupack psp includes a Dcelso port...


Thank you.

I'm happy to see that the work I've done is appreciated by someone. DCelso's port was actually better than mine. I think I will do some upgrade on this code and generate one, better, improved, merged version. PSP deserves BennuGD. Side note: I didn't have such a nice emulator like PPSSPP to test when I wrote this code. It was pretty much a pain to setup some link between PC and PSP and try to debug this code.

I'm Daniel Franzini by the way and I'm still around. I just don't have as much time as I'd like to work in these cool things.

Did you tested on the real hardware? I can do this quickly for you to see if it works like in the emulator.



we wait your port improved !!! 

psp hardware is very impress


Did you tested on the real hardware?

nop, only pc is available to test..    :P